Focus and Scope
The journal “Rozprawy Społeczne/Social Dissertations" was published over the period of 2007-2009 as a yearly titled „Rozprawy Naukowe”. During the period of 2010-2013, it was published in the form of a semi-annual journal, and since 2014 to the present day "Rozprawy Społeczne/Social Dissertations" has been a quarterly. Since 2014, the journal has been bilingual, as all articles has been published in both: Polish and English. Since August 1, 2022, "Rozprawy Społeczne/Social Dissertations" has been published only onlie, whereas the print versionof the journal has not been continued. The journal has also started to operate on a continous basis insted of being a quarterly.

The journal includes the following types of work: dissertations and articles, practice, research, implementation and social health, reports on scientific conferences, reviews, varia (information on conferences, abstracts of doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations, biographical notes), letters to the Editorial Office containing opinions or commentary on previously published works.

The thematic scope of the journal covers the following fields of science: pedagogics, education, sociology, theology, philosophy, security sciences, psychology, didactics, social communication, cultural studies, social health. It is our conviction that thanks to such a broad thematic range "Rozprawy Społeczne/Social Dissertations" can present varied and interesting articles in a highly interesting and multifaceted way dealing with various spheres of human life. Therefore, the journal can become an object of interest for both theoreticians and practitioners, such as teachers, educators, and psychologists. The complexity of the situation calls for our reflection, both in the individual and social dimension, so that we could retain our subjectivity therein along with even more creative and innovative attitude. Our magazine wishes to serve these purposes, proposing a range of themes co-created by the Editorial Office and by our Authors and Readers.

Thus the quarterly wishes to be a forum for exchanging ideas with a focus not only on scientific theoretical reflection, but also on drawing practical conclusions from empirical research and helping in the implementation of scientific reflection into attempting creative transformation of social reality, but also wants to be a forum for exchanging practical and research experiences, with special prominence given to education, teaching, upbringing and social health, which are also part of the basic problems of each community's life.